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Become a Member of
Junior Auxiliary of Saline County!

The Junior Auxiliary of Saline County has one new provisional class each year. Recruitment begins in the summer and includes a provisional information meeting where nominees gather to learn more about our organization. The provisional period begins in the fall and takes approximately six months. Once all provisional requirements are fulfilled, new provisional members are voted into the chapter as active members.

Provisional Member Requirements

  • You must live or work in Saline County

  • You are required to be be 21-years-old and older

  • Nominations will be taken from active members in good standing, life or associate members, or other general inquiries that show an interest in Junior Auxiliary

  • Dues are $85 each year and a member is asked to volunteer 48 hours per year
    (24 as a provisional) in specific areas for a total of 6 years

If you are interested in joining a new provisional class please email

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